100% Free LG Ringtones And Easy Instructions

Here are free LG ringtones as well as tricks and tips on how to easily convert almost any ringtone or MP3 music into a free LG ringtone. You can even use your child's voice, or even your puppy's or kitten's voice, to create ringers compatible with recent and older LG cell phones.

A quick and easy way to choose a free LG ring tone is to take our ringtone matcher test, which guesses your favorite ringtones according to your answers to a few questions. Start with this question right here:

What is your favorite music style?

a) Hip-hop, rap or alternative
b) Rock or heavy metal
c) Movie Themes, Country or Oldies
d) Classical
e) Dance Music

First select your LG cell phone in the following list and follow our free ringtone instructions. New phones are shown first.

LG Tribute 2LG Volt 2LG G360

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LG LogosLG LancetLG Escape2
LG G4 Dual-LTELG G4 StylusLG G4c
LG Watch UrbaneLG G4LG AKA
LG JoyLG LeonLG Magna
LG SpiritLG G Flex2LG 237C
LG L PrimeLG UnifyLG Transpyre
LG G3 StylusLG F60LG Tribute
LG Envoy IIILG L BelloLG L Fino

Ringtone help for older LG models:

LG Ultimate 2LG TrueLG Realm
LG G3 VigorLG G Vista GSMLG G Vista
LG L60LG L60 DualLG L50
LG L20LG G3 BeatLG Optimus Fuel
LG Xpression 2LG L30LG L35
LG G3LG Optimus Exceed 2LG 450
LG VoltLG Optimus L90LG F70
LG L65LG Optimus Zone 2LG G2 Mini
LG Extravert 2LG Lucid 3LG L80 Dual
LG 305CLG PulseLG Optimus L70
LG A380LG Revere 3LG L40 D160
LG L90LG Optimus F3QLG Optimus Dynamic II
LG Optimus L1 II TriLG G FlexLG F4N
LG G2LG Nexus 5LG G Pro Lite
LG 236CLG 306GLG Optimus L9 II
LG Optimus L2 IILG Wine IIILG G Pro Lite Dual
LG 505CLG Optimus F6LG Enact
LG Optimus L4 IILG T580LG Optimus F7

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