Download Free T-Mobile Ringtones

Here is how to create 100% free T-Mobile ringtones, don't despair. Here are solutions, tips and techniques for you to try, and a list of our exclusive T-Mobile ringtones.

This page exposes various no-catch strategies to successfully download T-Mobile ringtones for free on your T-Mobile cell phone.

Step #1: Select The 100% Free T-Mobile Ringtones That You Would Like to Download To Your Cell Phone

Picky on T-Mobile ringtones? Do not download just any ringtone! Take our free "ringtones matcher", that quickly returns your best matching free T-Mobile ringtones according to your answers to simple questions. Start right now with the first question:

What is your favorite music style?

a) Hip-hop, rap or alternative
b) Rock or heavy metal
c) Movie Themes, Country or Oldies
d) Classical
e) Dance Music

Or you can browse directly one of these categories of Free T-Mobile ringtones (free download):

  • Free Horror Ringtones
  • Free Ghost Ringtones
  • Free Ringtones-a-gogo
  • Free Far West Ringtones
  • Hear All Our Free Polyphonic Ringtones

  • Step #2: Apply one of those free T-Mobile Ringtones strategies:

    Free T-Mobile Ringtones Strategy #1: Send it by email

    Free T-Mobile Ringtones Strategy #2: Download by Bluetooth

    If your T-Mobile cell phone is equipped with either Bluetooth or Infrared and your PC or laptop is so-equipped, you can follow those easy steps to transfer ringtones for free:
  • Choose one of our free polyphonic ringtones for your T-Mobile phone (See Step #1)
  • Instead of clicking "Download it for free", right-click the "Listen" link and select "Save As" to save that free ringtone to your computer hard drive
  • Following your cell phone's owner's manual instructions, connect your computer to your T-Mobile cell phone using Bluetooth or Infrared
  • Transfer your new free ringtone to your T-Mobile cell phone
  • From your T-Mobile cell phone's menus, assign the newly transfered ringtone to your phone's ringtones (the technique will vary from phone to phone)
  • * If your T-Mobile cell phone allows it, you can also do that with any mp3 or compatible music file.

    Free T-Mobile Ringtones Strategy #3: Using a Memory Card

    Many cell phones include a small memory card reader. Maybe your T-Mobile cell phone does. And if your computer also has a card reader (most laptops sold after 2004 do), then you may simply use a memory card to transfer free ringtones to your T-Mobile cell phone. Here is how:
  • Choose a free T-Mobile ringtone (See Step #1)
  • Don't click "Download it" but right-click the "Listen" link and select "Save As" to save it to your computer
  • Transfer the ringtone to your memory card
  • Insert the memory card in your T-Mobile cell phone
  • Transfer your new free ringtone to your T-Mobile cell phone's memory
  • Assign your newly transfered ringtone to your cell phone's ringtones (the technique will vary from phone to phone)
  • * The free T-Mobile ringtones offered here are not sold, they are original creations offered for free but are STILL protected by copyright laws. When searching the Internet for ringtones, remember that free T-Mobile ringtones may be found under various names: melodies, ringer tones, tunes or rings or even ringing tones.

    Here are specific instructions for T-Mobile ringtones for each T-Mobile phone, new T-Mobile phones first:

    LG AristoLG Stylus 3ZTE Avid Trio
    Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows 10LG V20iPhone 7 Plus
    iPhone 7ZTE Zmax ProLG Stylo 2 Plus
    Coolpad CatalystHTC Desire 530iPhone SE
    LG G5Samsung Galaxy S7 edgeSamsung Galaxy S7
    LG K10 3GSamsung Galaxy On5iPhone 6S Plus
    iPhone 6SKyocera DuraForce XD

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