Vivo Y25 Review of The Pros And Cons

Picture of the Vivo Y25, by Vivo

Did you know the Vivo Y25 :--uses a sub-standard selfie cam? And there are 3 additional cons you should know about. Check out this computer-generated Vivo Y25 review of the pros and cons, because each phone has its cons and pros:


Below-average selfie cam:

Nowadays, we expect more than just 2-megapixel of selfie cam resolution.

Unknown SAR rating:

We were unable to find this phone's radiation level. Therefore, we can't determine how close it is to the limit.

Slower smartphone:

Unknown weight:

It's disappointing that we could not find its weight information.

And Now, the Pros:

Quad processor:

Not only does it have a 1.3GHz processor clock speed, it also features 4 CPU cores.

** This phone is also known as: Vivo Y-25

*** These pros and cons are spotted automatically based on our analysis formula and the specifications we have in our database for this item. If you see a mistake, please let us know.

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