Tricks To Send Free Ringtones To The Alcatel OT-918

The computing universe is full of potential free ringtones for your Alcatel OT-918 (also known as Alcatel 918 Mix) : your own MP3 songs, or MIDI files that one can find on Internet, etc. This page exposes various strategies you can adopt to assign a free ringtone to your Alcatel OT-918.

Here are the tips:

Try a memory card:

Your Alcatel OT-918 features a MicroSD memory card slot. If your personal computer has a slot for that type of card (Most laptop computers are so-equipped), you should be able to save music files

Simply navigate to any online music:

The Alcatel OT-918 is a smartphone. Most smart phones let you save any music file you could find online by touching and holding your finger on it, then selecting 'save.' Once the music file is added to your memory card, tap-and-hold it and select 'assign' from the contextual menu.

Use a ringtone application

The Alcatel OT-918 is an Android phone and there are plenty of free ringtone apps such as ToneCrusher, Myxer and more.

Simply record sound directly:

Since your Alcatel OT-918 features a sound recorder (also known as 'voice memo'), a very simple technique involves simply placing your phone by your computer's speakers, playing whatever song, music or sound you would like as a ringtone, and recording it -- you can even use your voice, your child's voice or even your cat's 'meow!' Record it with your mobile and there you go! Unless that function was specifically blocked on the Alcatel OT-918, you should be able to navigate to the ringtones sub-menu and choose your new recording as a ringtone. Of course, the quality won't be ideal but, after all, it's free!

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Here is a sample of the free ringtones (Alcatel OT-918-compatible) offered here at

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