The Latest Flip Phones 2014 In Pictures

Here are the latest flip phones (also known as clamshell phones) in a photo gallery. Flip phones have been eclipsed by the introduction of smartphones, but they still exist, mostly as dumb phones, in 2014. They help you avoid unwanted calls since the keypad is concealed under the flip cover and they make it easier to answer an incoming call, simply by lifting the flip cover. Ending a call with a flip phone is equally easy: Just close the cover. However, clamshell phones are sometimes slightly thicker than slider or bar phones, but recent models tend to be thinner.

* Pictures may include upcoming Flip Phones.

First Phone: The Doro Liberto 650

The Doro Liberto 650
(Picture: Doro)


Doro takes their traditional basic flip phone equation, but plugs in a few fresh features. The Liberto 650 is certified for HD Voice, a technology intended to enhance in-call audio quality and reduce background noise. Doro also equipped it with 3G bands this time around, with email support, a web-based device manager and a web browser built around it. Just like most Doro flip phones, the 650 sports a backlit numeric keypad with separated keys and a customizable display, clearly gearing it towards elder or visually-impaired users. It also comes with a 2-megapixel camera.

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