The Latest Flip Phones 2014 In Pictures

Here are the latest flip phones (also known as clamshell phones) in a photo gallery. Flip phones have been eclipsed by the introduction of smartphones, but they still exist, mostly as dumb phones, in 2014. They help you avoid unwanted calls since the keypad is concealed under the flip cover and they make it easier to answer an incoming call, simply by lifting the flip cover. Ending a call with a flip phone is equally easy: Just close the cover. However, clamshell phones are sometimes slightly thicker than slider or bar phones, but recent models tend to be thinner.

* Pictures may include upcoming Flip Phones.

First Phone: The Samsung Jitterbug 5

The Samsung Jitterbug 5
(Picture: Samsung)


Typical basic phone attributes merge with an array of health and security services in the Samsung Jitterbug 5. For emergencies or accidents, it lets you connect to on-call assistance using the special 5Star key. It also has a 24/7 line with registered nurses or board-certified doctors, in case you need medical advise. To complement its customer service, it relies on a battery that lasts for up to 25 days of mixed usage on a single charge. Like most clamshells, it comes with separated and backlit keys to make texting and phone navigation easier.

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