The Newest Slide Phones 2014 In Pictures

Slide phones, with their drawer keypad, have about the same advantages than flip phones. They let you answer and end a call by sliding the upper part up or down. Most slide phones also allow you to take a call with the upper part down, simply by pressing a key. Here are the latest slider phones.

* May include upcoming Slide Phones.

First Phone: The LG Xpression 2

The LG Xpression 2
(Picture: LG)


The LG Xpression 2 might have been an attempt to remedy the setbacks of the first model, coming with a 230MHz single-core Qualcomm processor this time around. It also adds a Night Mode to the 2-megapixel camera, presumably for taking better stills during night time. It offers a pretty old version of Bluetooth (v2.1) and does not offer any Wi-Fi connectivity. Its video and music features also manage to level with what is commonly observed on other feature phones. This device also comes with M3/T4 hearing aid ratings, for users with delicate hearing. It contrasts its red predecessor, coming in a two-toned blue-and-white finish.

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