The Newest Smartphones 2014 In Pictures

Smartphones, whether they use a touch-screen or a full keyboard, are more than just cell phones. Smartphones offer a computer-like experience combined with the mobility of a cell phone. This photo gallery presents the latest smartphone phones (sometimes also called "smart phones") on the market.

* Photo gallery may include upcoming Smartphones.

First Phone: The Apple iPhone 6 Plus

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus
(Picture: Apple)


Apple´s unveiling of the iOS 8- and A8-run iPhone 6 Plus also came with some fresh features for the smartphone market. Enter Apple Pay - a mobile payment system that enables your iPhone to function as a mobile wallet, with an expected support from over 200 vendor locations (USA). Its 8-megapixel shooter also comes with Focus Pixels, the same imaging technology that speeds up the autofocus time on DSLR cameras.

This 5.5-inch model is the first phablet-sized phone to come out of Apple, equipped with a 1080p Retina HD display on 401ppi. Additionally, its iron-strengthened cover glass that blends with the aluminum casing seamlessly and relatively thin 7.1mm body gives it a more sophisticated look compared to older iPhones.

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