The Latest Smartphones 2014 In Pictures

Smartphones, whether they use a touch-screen or a full keyboard, are more than just cell phones. Smartphones offer a computer-like experience combined with the mobility of a cell phone. This photo gallery presents the latest smartphone phones (sometimes also called "smart phones") on the market.

* Picture gallery may include upcoming Smartphones.

First Phone: The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge
(Picture: Samsung)


Samsung unveils a pretty novel design in the Galaxy Note Edge. Its 5.6-inch screen extends outwards (right-hand side), giving room for an alerts and quick-access panel -- visible even when the cover is closed. Multitasking and productivity features, such as Photo Note and Smart Select, are also built around the S Pen accessory. Performance-wise, this 2014 Galaxy Note model joins the premiums with a 2.7GHz quad-core processor, a 3GB RAM and a 32GB internal memory. Its 3000mAh battery power is also quite hefty, possibly more so with Samsung's Ultra Power-Saving mode. Its 4K 16-megapixel camera and QuadHD display resolution might also secure its shelf among other premium Androids.

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