Wouldn't You Hate Choosing The Wrong Phone?

Choosing among 243+ phones is complicated, isn't it? But don't we all hate it when a friend shows up with a better phone that he bought for less than what you paid? And what if the phone you choose lacked an essential feature? Elliminate all that risk and axienty right now with Celliminator. Its 12 right-on questions take on average 1.35 minute to complete and will serve your 5 best phones or smartphones on a silver plate for free, easily and instantly.

Try it now with the first question right here:

Question #1: Should it be a smartphone?

Smartphones offer more possibilities but are also bulkier and more expensive. Go for a smartphone only if you want to use your cell phone for much more than just calls, text messages and a few pictures.

Make your selection...

A) Smartphone or not... it doesn't matter.
      240 phones will remain.

B) Smartphones only.
      153 phones will remain.

C) Regular, "dumb" phone only. No smartphones please!
      53 phones will remain.

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