top The 2 Best AT&T Texting Phones In 2017

Top 2 Best AT&T Texting Phones 2017

Since texting phones with a full keyboard are getting rare, this list of the best AT&T Texting smart or regular phones may also include smartphones with a display larger than 4.5 inches (because they make it easier to use virtual keyboards such as Swype) and some models with wet-finger tracking or water-resistant smartphones, a definite plus when you have to text with moist or wet hands. However, if any good AT&T basic phone includes a physical frontal or slide-out keyboard, it will also be listed.

#1. The NEC Terrain

Photo of the NEC Terrain.
Average Rating:


A texting smartphone seemingly designed for heavy duty field work, the NEC Terrain encases an array of mid-level features within a military-grade body and a Corning Gorilla glass frame...

What We Like:

    An interesting combination of rugged and sophisticated mobile features


#2. The LG Xpression 2

A picture of the LG Xpression 2.
Average Rating:


The LG Xpression 2 might have been an attempt to remedy the setbacks of the first model, coming with a 230MHz single-core Qualcomm processor this time around...

What We Like:

  • The Night Mode
  • despite its basic 2-megapixel lens


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