Top 10 Best Boost Mobile Cell Phones 2015

Until further notice, the Apple iPhone 6, LG Volt and iPhone 5c are our selection for best Boost Mobile Cell. The first one is a smartphone, the second one a mid-range smartphone and the third one, a 7.6-mm thin smartphone running iOS. Boost Mobile is well-known as a national carrier offering basic and smart phones (sometimes including rugged models)

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#1. The Apple iPhone 6
Average Rating: (90.8%)

Shortly after several Android-run flagships were unveiled during the IFA 2014, Apple reveals the follow-up to the 4-inch iPhone 5...


  • Design: The Apple iPhone 6 revamps the classic iPhone look with a seamless merging of its cover glass and aluminum casing along the edges
  • Innovation: Also, it aims to replace physical payment mediums (cash or cards) with Apple Pay, an NFC-based digital payment system that allows you to use your iPhone as a mobile wallet

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#2. The LG Volt
Average Rating: (84%)

LG's 2014 release, the LG Volt is a mixture of arty smartphone features and mid-level specs under the hood...


  • Convenience: It allows you to project your phone's display on larger compatible screens with its pre-installed Miracast app
  • Connectivity: It offers special multitasking possibilities with the QSlide function, which allows you to overlay two windows with adjustable sizes and transparency on the screen

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#3. The iPhone 5c
Average Rating: (81.6%)

Half the price of the iPhone 5s, the 5c model is the affordable version with more available colors, but less specs...

What We Noted:


#4. The iPhone 5
Average Rating: (88.9%)

The iPhone 5 is a faster machine, a quicker camera, a better video call system and it has a larger screen, all in a package that is 20 percent smaller and 18% thinner.

Worth mentioning:

  • Thickness: 7.6 mm


#5. The LG Tribute
Average Rating: (73.5%)

LG runs its typical entry-level formula with the 4.5-inch Tribute (LS660) whose hardware is led by a quad-core 1.2GHz processor...

Worth mentioning:


#6. The Motorola Moto G
Average Rating: (78.9%)

For little money, the Motorola Moto G offers reasonably attractive specs: the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 (quad core, 1.2GHz), the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (may be upgraded to Kitkat 4.4 in 2014), and a 4.5-inch high-resolution display (720p HD with a fineness of 329 ppi)...

What We Noted:

  • Thickness: 6.0-11.6 (curve) mm


#7. The Motorola Moto X
Average Rating: (78.9%)

Running on a quad-core CPU (Andreo 320), the Moto X bets on its 10-megapixel camera and deep personalization features to seduce you...


  • Design: The Motorola Moto X can be ordered with a personalized look


#8. The LG Optimus F7
Average Rating: (76.3%)

Armed with a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor working alongside the 4.1.2 Jelly Bean OS, the Optimus F7 seems to be a reasonably productive smartphone -- LG calls it a first-smartphone-user phone...

Worth mentioning:

  • Convenience: It comes with LG's QuickMemo tool (to write and/or pass electronic notes to other people)
  • Thickness: 9.6 mm


#9. The Kyocera Verve
Average Rating: (60.5%)

The Kyocera Verve is a budget texting 3G phone built for convenience with features such as a USB tethered data connection feature that allows users to use this phone to connect their computer to the internet and a slide-out QWERTY keyboard laid out with spaced out keys in an attempt to reduce typos...

Worth mentioning:

  • Convenience: It is rigged with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard with keys they say resist to typos because of their wide spacing
  • Connectivity: It allows users to use the phone as a modem to connect their computer to the internet with its USB tethered data connection function


#10. The ZTE Warp Sync
Average Rating: (70%)

Joining ZTE's 2014 mid-range lineup is this 5-inch Android whose HD (720p) display is protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass (2.0) frame...

What We Noted:

  • Connectivity: It offers 4G LTE network connectivity, apparently the standard for 2014 smartphones in the mid-level category

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