Top 1 Best Sprint Phones for texting 2014/2015

Phones and smartphones with a physical keyboard are increasingly rare, so this best Sprint Texting phone list can also include smartphones with more than 4.5-inch displays (because it makes it easier to use the on-screen keyboard) and some models with wet-finger tracking or water-resistant smartphones, a definite plus when you have to text with moist or wet hands. However, if any good Sprint old-fashioned phone includes a physical frontal or slide-out keyboard, it will also be listed.

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BlackBerry Q10

Average Stars Awarded:


Compared to the BlackBerry 10 OS flagship phone Z10, which has an all-touch design, the Q10 features a physical QWERTY keyboard, making it more in-line with the manufacturer´s tradition... (more)


  • Thickness: 10.35 mm

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