Top 2 Best Straight Talk Smartphone Phones 2014

After inception of the first iPhone in June, 2007, smartphones became the norm. Smart phones let you surf the web comfortably on a large screen while waiting at a bus station, they make email on the go almost as easy as on a computer, smartphones make your mobile life easier. But how to choose smartphone phones? Easy. Our top smartphones 2014 by Straight Talk list makes it much easier by spotting the best Straight Talk smartphones in other reviews and listing them here, in best rating order.

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#1. Apple iPhone 6


Shortly after several Android-run flagships were unveiled during the IFA 2014, Apple reveals the follow-up to the 4-inch iPhone 5...

Key features:

  • Display size: 4.7-inch
  • Camera: 8-megapixel

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#2. Samsung Galaxy Ace Style (Samsung SM-G310)

Samsung Galaxy Ace Style picture.

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A 2014 addition to Samsung´s growing family of affordable smartphones with the typical combination of a 5-megapixel camera (with VGA front cam), 1.2GHz dual-core processor and 4GB/1GB memory/RAM...

Key features:

  • Display size: 4-inch
  • Camera: 5-megapixel

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