Top Verizon Flip Phones 2014

Although text-only phones have been rendered nearly obsolete by smartphones, Verizon still keeps a couple of top flip phones in their list of offerings. This is because some people prefer the convenience of a simple and auto-locking phone for basic communication purposes.

If flip-type phones are your style, then our list of Verizon's best models will probably help you choose. It isn't extensive, but it gives a pretty clear picture of what to expect from Verizon's flip phone selection for this year so far 2014. It's also based on our own scientific ranking system and not on any mobile phone hype.


LG Exalt

Average Stars Awarded:


LG´s unapologetically basic clamshell phone comes with a 3-inch LCD display that is rather roomy for a flip phone, and an LED external screen instead of the usual monochrome... (more)

Worth mentioning:

  • Thickness: 15.7 mm

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LG Revere 2

Average Stars Awarded:


The LG Revere 2 is billed as the sequel to the LG Revere, but they are practically the same movie... (more)

Worth mentioning:

  • Thickness: 18.2 mm

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Samsung Convoy 3

Average Stars Awarded:


The newest sibling of the Samsung Convoy family (spaced two years apart) retained most of the features of its predecessor (the 3.2-megapixel camera, noise cancellation technology, battery capacity) and improved a few... (more)


  • Durability: it claims to adhere to most of the MIL–STD–810F military standard (meaning it can weather shock, dust, temperature extremes, low altitudes, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity, sand, and vibrations)
  • Thickness: 20.8 mm

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