LG X Power 2 Review of Pros And Cons

Picture of the LG X Power 2, by LG

- Analysis by Christelle Nina

A 4500mAh battery is the main highlight in this second installment to LG's X Power series. The premise of its marketing is that it's designed to last through weekend trips, as it should be able to produce 8 hours of camera app usage, 18 hours of video playback, and 19 hours of web browsing . Most of these values are pretty standard among Big Battery Phones. In comparison with these related models, the size of the LG X Power 2's power tank lies somewhere in the middle.

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One of its primary cons would have to be its 5.5-inch display's specs. At an unimpressive resolution of 720p , it produces only around 267 pixels per inch . As such, if the quality of video playback is as much of a concern as its length, then this smartphone certainly presents some issues.

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Another interesting thing that's deserved a spot in this pros and cons review is the fact that this model weighs only 164 grams -- a promising feat given the size of its battery.

Performance-wise, its octa-core CPU runs at an average-level speed of 1.5GHz. The RAM is slightly-less-passable at only 2GB , considering that many of the competition offer at least 3GB. As for imaging capabilities, both of its cameras are LED flash-equipped , but are just decent resolution-wise.

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The X Power 2's pros and cons highlight the fact that it's a smartphone for hard-core usage -- but pretty much nothing else. The large energy tank, coupled with a lightweight body, largely overshadow the rest of its specs and features. With this in mind, consumers who are concerned mainly with a long-lasting device -- but prefer to keep other features to a minimum -- would likely find delight in trying out this model.

** This phone is also known as: LG Fiesta, LG M320, LG X500, LG K10 Power, LG X Power K10, LG X Charge

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