Sony Xperia R1 Plus Review & Pros And Cons

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- Analysis by KJ David

Although pitched as a Plus version of Sony's middle-class Xperia R1, the R1 Plus shares almost all of its sibling's run-of-the-mill specs. In fact, it sports the exact same 5.2-inch TFT 1280 x 720 (HD) display furbished with a 2.5D curved glass finish .

Luckily, it also brought back the plain R1's 13-megapixel plus 8-megapixel camera duo , which is its biggest selling point and also an outright perk for any budget-tier 2017 smartphone. Its cameras are decorated with some Sony-branded imaging pros, including Predictive Hybrid Autofocus , 8X Clear Zoom , and 12 preset capturing modes.

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On the hardware front, the R1 Plus's pros and cons still rely on a 1.4GHz eight-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 processor , which we still tagged as a pro, despite not sitting that high on the spectrum of octa-core mobile processors (High-ranking eight-core chips clock in at 1.8GHz or higher). What sets this variant apart from the original R1, though, is its jump from a moderate 2GB RAM to 3GB . This upgrade obviously gives the R1 Plus a better shot versus most other 2017-released mid-range smartphones than its mother model.

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Apart from RAM, the R1 Plus's array of pros and cons also differ from its sister phone when it comes to memory. While the plain model came in with 16GB of internal storage, this Plus edition doubles that capacity to 32GB , while retaining its passable up-to-128GB external memory allowance . Unfortunately, the R1 Plus still only has 2620mAh of power in the tank , which left us scratching our heads, considering that its aforementioned RAM upgrade begs a slight boost in raw power capacity as well, not to mention that a good number of its mid-range competitors have at least 3000mAh of power to work with.

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To rehash, the Sony Xperia R1 Plus is almost an exact copy of its R1 sibling, save for its enhanced RAM and storage memory, which probably means that it caters to mid-end shoppers who find the R1's 2GB-only RAM and 16GB inbuilt storage a bit too low for their taste.

** This phone is also known as: Sony R1 Plus

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