Vodafone Smart N9 lite Review & Pros And Cons

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- Analysis by KJ David

A prepaid Android Go phone specifically designed for teens or those who are only just looking for their first smartphone (Don't forget to check out the best Vodafone-carried phones here), the Vodafone Smart N9 lite's cons include a pitiful 1GB-only RAM and a modest MediaTek 6739WA quad-core 1.28GHz processor -- a combination that sounds only just enough to run the essentials, which may be what Vodafone was going for anyway.

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As of this technical review, the Smart N9 lite was one of cheapest phones to adapt the 18:9 display aspect ratio that was first introduced by some top-tier phablets listed here at Phonerated. It touts a 5.3-inch (Its exact screen diagonal is 5.34 inches) display with a sub-standard 960 x 480 FWVGA+ resolution and an equally-unpromising 201ppi pixel density score . Moreover, it passes up on a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor for user authentication , a pro offered by its Smart N9 mother model.

Joining the N9 lite's pros and cons is Vodafone's suite of parental controls , which lets parents limit app access for kids and limit their screen time, among other functions. It also runs on the Go Edition or Android 8.1 Oreo , which is basically a stripped-down alternative to the full-blown Oreo ecosystem tailored to smartphones with no ambitious processing powers to boast whatsoever.

Also on board is a 16GB internal memory that sounds rather favorable, considering that a lot of other sub-$100 alternatives (The N9 lite was initially priced at roughly $90) stick to cramped 4GB or 8GB storage caps. We are not so happy about its up-to-32GB-only external memory allowance , though, knowing that entry-level smartphones with 128GB microSD card slots were no longer uncommon when it debuted.

This Smart model's imaging specs don't really set it apart from most other entry-level smartphones, consisting of an 8-megapixel autofocus-equipped main camera and a 5-megapixel fixed-focus selfie cam. Note, though, that both its cameras come with their own LED flashes , which gives it a slight advantage versus many low-enders with tantamount pros and cons on the selfie front.

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With a 2460mAh battery and a 2-year warranty rounding out its features, the Smart N9 lite is obviously geared towards non-techies and practically-minded shoppers.

** This phone is also known as: Vodafone N9 lite

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