2015+ Android Smartphones With A Slide-out QWERTY Keyboard

From 2013 on, new smartphones with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard started getting rare, but there are still some models for those who aren't very fond of SWYPE and other virtual keyboards.

If you think that there's nothing like a physical, built-in or slide-out full QWERTY keyboard when it comes to typing a lot of text, this list is for you. However, check the weight and thickness because a slide-out keyboard tends to make a thicker, bulkier and heavier smartphone. That's why we've included weight and thickness info -- whenever available -- with this list of the latest Android smartphones with a physical keyboard.

The List:

Did you know some virtual text-entry methods can be faster than a physical keyboard. It may be the case for the SWYPE system, as illustrated by this Youtube video.

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