top All New 2016 Sprint Phone Models -- Newest Ones First

All New 2016 Sprint Phone Models -- Newest First

(Updated May 20, 2016 at 16:13)

Sprint Profile:

Sprint is a national CDMA mobile network. Their phones typically operate on the 1900 Mhz frequency, which apparently produces a better sound quality than the older 800 Mhz frequency band.

Sprint cell phones include regular and smart models from Samsung, HTC, Kyocera and LG, but they also put a special focus on rugged, durable phones.

Company Info:
  • Sprint has a larger-than-average selection of rugged phones to compare from, but select any model to compare Sprint phones from the list on this page.
Their Best Phones:

Phonerated aggregates review averages for most phones and determines the best Sprint phones in a slew of categories:

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