Motorola Moto X Pros And Cons Review

Picture of the Motorola Moto X, by Motorola

The Motorola Moto X has critical pros and cons that you need to know. The following analysis of its specs underscores which good points there are to love about it and which not-so-good points you should keep a closer eye on.

First, the Cons:

Is there a memory expansion slot?:

According to our research, it doesn't feature any memory expansion slot.

Unknown radiation level:

We were unable to find SAR (radiation level) information for this phone.

Apparently low on Working memory:

We like that the Moto X sports a gigahertz CPU (1.7GHz) but, the only information we could find on the RAM is that it is around 2 GB. Since the RAM is your phone's working space, we think it might turn out too sluggish for some tasks.


Now, the Pros:

HD screen:

The display isn't only large, it is also high-definition (at least 720p)

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Good frames-per-second video:

It records video clips at 30 frames per second, which is among the highest fps rating among video phones.

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