Picture of the Samsung Rugby Smart, by Samsung

Samsung Rugby Smart Review of The Pros And Cons

Here is Phonerated's Samsung Rugby Smart pros and cons review. It is computer-generated from the technical specifications we have for the Samsung Rugby Smart. This is not the equivalent of a normal, hands-on review.


As illustrated here, the Samsung Rugby Smart is a rugged handset.

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The Samsung Rugby Smart is promoted as a rugged phone (more sturdy, better water-resistance, etc).


The Samsung Rugby Smart features the Swype text entry system. Swype lets you enter text simply by gliding the keyboard with your finger over the right characters.

Weighs less than the iPhone 4S:

Of course, it doesn't offer as many features as the latest iPhone (the "4S"), but since it only weighs 119 grams, it is more lightweight than the iPhone 4S (which weighs in at 140 grams).

Thin form factor:

At 8.9 millimeters, it is thinner than the average bar phone



    Much lower battery life:

    The Samsung Rugby Smart's 180 minutes of talk time are much lower than what you usually see.

    4.4 ounces is sort of bulky.

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    A little bulky:

    We wouldn't say that the Smart is a heavyweight, but 4.4 ounces may feel a little overweight.

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