Compare The Meizu Pro 5 vs Meizu Pro 6

Our Meizu Pro 5 vs Meizu Pro 6 comparison has the makings of a fight between two professional martial artists. To kick things off, the Pro 6 certainly dominates in terms of size and weight, measuring 7.25 millimeters thick and weighing 160 grams, compared to the Pro 5 with its 7.5-millimeter thickness and 168-gram weight. Comparing their CPU specs, the Pro 6 also steals the show, bringing along a 10-core quad 1.4GHz + quad 2GHz + dual 2.5GHz processor, which overwhelms that of the Pro 5, (an octa-core 2.1GHz + 1.5GHz CPU). With regards to their display features, however, the Pro 5 takes the lead, being outfitted with a 5.7-inch screen that is a little bit larger compared to the Pro 6's 5.2-inch display. Find out how these "Pro" smartphones fare in our comparison right here:

Meizu PRO 5
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Camera Details
Camera Resolution21.16-megapixel21.16-megapixel
Camera flashDual-tone LEDCircular Two-tone
Camera Optics?6-element lens
Camera Aperturef/2.2f/2.2
SELFIE CAMERA Comparison Of The Meizu Pro 5 vs Meizu Pro 6
Selfie Cam Resolution5-megapixel5-megapixel
Selfie FeaturesFotoNation 2.0 smart selfie enhancement, Face AE face light boost, f/2.0 aperture5-element lens, FotoNation 2.0 Smart Beauty, Face AE face light boost, f/2.0 aperture

The Meizu Pro 5 and the Meizu Pro 5 have their fair share of similarities and differences, display-wise. Quite-surprisingly, the older Pro 5 beats the Pro 6 in terms of screen size, being armed with a 5.7-inch screen, which is slightly larger compared to that of the Pro 6 (5.2-inch screen). However, it seems that these two phones get along well when we talk about their display resolutions (their screens both feature a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels). With regards to their screen's DPI, though, the battle once again resumes, wherein the Pro 5's 387-DPI screen gets outmatched by the Pro 6 and its 423.6-DPI display. Find out more about the Pro 6 in our Meizu Pro 6 Specs page.

Here are more specs to check out:

Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 6
Display size 5.7 in 5.2 in
Display dots per inch 387 DPI 423.6 DPI
Display TypeAMOLEDSuper AMOLED On-cell
Color Mode 16K colors?
Display Resolution 1920 x 1080 px 1920 x 1080 px
Display's superficy 13.87 sqr in 11.55 sqr in
Display finishCorning Gorilla Glass 3, 2.5D glassCorning Gorilla III
Display brightness 350 nits 350 nits
Display contrast? 10000:1 nits

Performance-wise, our Meizu Pro 5 vs Meizu Pro 6 match-up yields some noteworthy results. The newer Pro 6 gets a louder cheer from the crowd with its 10-core quad 1.4GHz + quad 2GHz + dual 2.5GHz Helio X25 processor, compared to the Pro 5 and its octa-core 2.1GHz + 1.5GHz Exynos 7420 processor. In terms of CPU performance, the Pro 6 can actually be a formidable contender for those phones included in our list of Best Global Smartphones as of 2016. Both phones rely on 4GB of RAM, but the Pro 5 also has a 3GB version available. Memory-wise, we do not see any significant differences, as both smartphones offer a 64GB and a 32GB variant.

Here are more Performance features to look at:

Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 6
Operating SystemFlyme based on Android 5.1 Lollipop?
ProcessorExynos 7420Helio X25
CPU Cores810 (3 clusters)
CPU architecture64-bit 14nm (A53 + A57 chips)?
CPU clock speed2.1GHz + 1.5GHzQuad 1.4GHz + Quad 2GHz + Dual 2.5GHz
Graphic Processor (GPU)Mali-T760ARM Mali-T880
Physical Features

Comparing their physical dimensions, the Meizu Pro 6 triggers a winning streak over the Meizu Pro 5. With regards to their weight, the Pro 6 gets the nod of approval, weighing 160 grams, which is reasonably-lighter compared to the Pro 5, which weighs in at 168 grams. We also observed sizeable differences in their height and width. The Pro 5 stands 156.7 millimeters tall and measures 78 millimeters wide, while the Pro 5 gets a more-compact profile, as implied by its 147.7-millimeter height and 70.8-millimeter width. In terms of thickness, the Pro 6 seals the deal, measuring 7.25 millimeters thick, which is 0.25 millimeters less compared to the Pro 5 and its 7.5-millimeter thickness. We have to consider, however, that the Pro 6 gets a more pocket-friendly profile at the cost of having a smaller screen (5.2-inch screen versus the Pro 5's 5.7-inch display). But still, with their less-than-nine-millimeter thickness, both phones can still make it to our list of Thinnest Phones as of 2016.

Here are more specs to compare:

Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 6
Weight grams168160
Thickness (metric) 7.5 mm 7.25 mm
Width (metric) 78 mm 70.8 mm
Height (metric) 156.7 mm 147.7 mm
Ounces per cubic inchNANNAN
Grams per cubic cm0.180.21
Ambient light detector
Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 6
SIM card typeNano SIM (Dual)Dual Standby
Wi-Fi802.11 ac/b/g/n dual-band 2.4GHz/5GHz?
Bluetooth Technology4.1 BLE?
ConnectorsMicro USB, Headset jack?
Storage Memory
Storage Memory32GB/64GB UFS 2.064GB eMMC 5.1 (32GB version also available)
Memory ExpansionmicroSD?
Battery Life
Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 6
Battery typeLithium-Ion (non-removable)?
Battery Power3050mAh2560mAh (with mCharge 3.0)
mAh per ounceINFINF
mAh per gram1816
mAh per mm thick407353
mAh per display square in.220222
Music Playback Time 2880 mins (48 hrs) ?
Browsing Time 420 (4G) mins (7 hrs) ?
Video Playback Time 1080 mins (18 hrs) ?
Meizu PRO 5
Meizu Pro 6
SensorsHall effect, Gravity, IR proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light, Touch, Digital compassHall magnetic, Gravity, IR proximity, Gyroscope, Ambient light, Touch, Digital compass, Barometer
Number of microphones1?
Finish?Metallic body

Meizu PRO 5
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(5 reviews)

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Meizu Pro 5 vs Meizu Pro 6: Our Conclusion

After analyzing their differences, we see that the Meizu Pro 6 packs more punch in terms of CPU performance. The Pro 6 also gets the spotlight after we compared their physical dimensions with those of the Meizu Pro 5. The Pro 5, though being a bit more bulky, parades a 5.7-inch screen, which is larger compared to the Pro 6's 5.2-inch display. Here are our thoughts:

  • The Pro 5's octa-core 2.1GHz + 1.5GHz processor looks more-than-capable for day-to-day smartphone tasks, but if you are in dire need of more CPU power, the
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    Pro 6 and its 10-core CPU would be your best choice.
  • For those who want a phone that has a larger screen, the Pro 5 and its 5.7-inch display is your best bet.
  • If you prefer a more-compact smartphone, the Pro 6 is definitely your go-to phone, as it reels in better specs, compared to the
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    Pro 5, in terms of their physical dimensions.

- Comparison analysis by Patrick David Cruz, Phone Profiler


  • ? means that we do not have the information, NOT necessarily that the feature is not offered.
  • Color boxes underscore specs that seem to stand out.
  • Specifications cannot be guaranteed accurate. Read our terms of service for more details.

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