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Compare the Meizu M3X to Other Phones

Compare the Meizu M3X (which is a high-end, 7.4mm-thin 5.5-inch (Full HD TDDI) Meizu smartphone that banks on a 2.3GHz + 1.6GHz octa-core processor with 4GB of RAM, dual 2.5D glass layers, and fingerprint user authentication) to similar phones.

You can compare the M3X to any other phone on this site (there are compare buttons everywhere), but may we suggest these models?:

Compare the M3X vs these phones suggested by our staff

Meizu M3E
Meizu m3s
The Meizu M3 Max

Also compare it to these 5 closely-related Meizu phones

The MX6
The Note3
The MX5
The U20
The metal

Or versus these 4 additional and phones

Elephone M1
Sky 5.5Q
Lava V5

Or versus these 3 other Android phone with secondary camera models

The G3 Stylus, by LG
ZTE Grand S3

And a Myriad of Comparison Possibilities:

Phonerated's Compare Anywhere feature lets you add items to compare from any page on our site, just by clicking the yellow Add to Compare button. Check out these great sources of ideas for phones to use in your comparison:

  • Check out picture galleries by category and select phones for comparison.
  • Or find them in our best phone lists by category.
  • Or browse by phone brand.
  • Or even by U.S., Canada or UK network.

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