New Android Phones With At Least a 5-megapixel Front-Facing Camera 2016

A secondary camera, generally front-facing, is convenient for video conferencing over Skype and of course, selfie shots. Our list of Android phones with a decent front-facing or secondary camera includes only models whose selfie cam has at least 5 megapixels since today's video call requirement are above the grainy images we used to have a few years ago and selfies deserve better quality if they are to serve as souvenirs. Besides, larger data plans, 4G smartphones and the increased availability of Wi-Fi makes it more realistic to make Skype calls or other video calls at a better image resolution.

The List:

(Here's the current first Android phone with a decent secondary cam:)
Did you know that Skype is far from being the only video conferencing app available for Android phones with secondary cameras? You can also use Fring, Tango and many others. Hit your Android market for more ways to use your phone's front-facing camera.

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