Full LG220C Phone Specifications

* Discontinued

Also called LG 220c.

The LG220C, by LG.

Useful Stuff:

The LG220C is a very small cell phone, with a weight as low as 2.93 ounces. It sports Bluetooth, which lets you use it with wireless hands-free kits. If your car is also Bluetooth-compatible, you can make the LG220C use your car's built-in hands-free system.


Weight (ounces)2.93 ounces
Dimensions3.5 x 1.81 x .74
Volume (inches)4.6879 cubic inches


General Specs



External Displayyes

Physical Features

Form FactorFlip

Battery Life

Stand-by Time240 hours
Talk Time150 minutes
Battery typeLithium

Call Features

Voice Dialingyes

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