The 10 Best-reviewed Canadian Cell Phones December 2014

To create this best Canadian phones list, we just gather the top-rated Canadian cell phones (according to various reviews) and sort them based to their average review rating.

* Note that this best cell phone list also exists for all other countries.

#1. The Apple iPhone 6

Overview :

The Apple iPhone 6 is an iPhone that looks to compete with recent Android-run flagships, running on the 64-bit A8 processor and the iOS 8, with an integrated NFC-based payment system (Apple Pay) headlining its obviously upscale feature set.

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#2. The Apple iPhone 6 Plus

Overview :

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus is a 5.5-inch phablet (the first from Apple) that introduces the NFC-based Apple Pay mobile payment system, along with perks such as a Focus Pixels-equipped 8-megapixel camera and a sapphire-based screen than flows towards its aluminum casing seamlessly.

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#3. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Overview :

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a 5.7-inch premium-class Android from Samsung, boasting a 2.7GHz quad-core processor, a Quad HD display (515ppi) and an array of functions built around its S Pen component.

#4. The Sony Xperia E3

Overview :

The Sony Xperia E3 is a mid-range 4.5-inch Xperia with some high-end touches, including an up-to-150Mbps data rate on LTE, a 2330mAh battery and Near Field Communication (NFC).

#5. The Sony Xperia Z3

Overview :

The Sony Xperia Z3 is the third generation of Sony´s top-of-the-line Xperia Z-series, packing a 5.2-inch TRILUMINOS display, PS4/PlayStation support and 4K video-recording (20.7-megapixel) within a water- and dust-proof 7.3-inch thin casing.

#6. The LG G3

Overview :

The LG G3 is a premium 5.5-inch (Quad HD) Android smartphone boasting an up-to-2TB memory expansion with a 13-megapixel OIS camera.

#7. The LG F60

Overview :

The LG F60 is a modestly-priced 4.5-inch Android from LG, offering LTE, the Knock Code phone lock feature as well as gesture shooting with its 5- and 1.3-megapixel cameras.

#8. The iPhone 5s

Overview :

The iPhone 5s is a whole new iPhone with a 64-bit architecture and a new built-in finger-based identity detector..

#9. The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active

Overview :

The Samsung Galaxy S5 Active is a makeover of the Galaxy S5 with an identical feature set, but this time sporting a military grade casing to support outdoor activities.

#10. The Motorola Moto X

Description :

Running on a quad-core CPU (Andreo 320), the Moto X bets on its 10-megapixel camera and deep personalization features to seduce you. Motorola says the camera has a special low-light technology called Clear Pixel.

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