LG Spirit 4G Pros And Cons Review

Picture of the LG Spirit 4G, by LG

The LG Spirit has more to offer than just style. We like the 4.5-inch scratch-resistant touchscreen, the dual-core processor, and the 5-megapixel camera. But we are slightly concerned by the battery life. Even though it has a big 2150mAh battery, LG reports that it can only last up to 200 hours of 2G standby time.


4.5-inch screen is larger than usual:

It features a rather large, 4.5-inch display, with a 960 x 540 resolution.

The LG Spirit 4G has a thickness of only 9.398 millimeters.

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Very svelte:

Its 9.398 mm body makes it quite thinner than average for a bar phone.

Special characteristics:

It offers the following special features: Accelerometer, Hotspot Capability, Wi-Fi Direct



    Where is the HDMI port?:

    It's great that the LG Spirit 4G can record fancy 1920 x 1080 clips, but we're surprised we didn't find any sign of the Spirit 4G sporting an HDMI port (which comes in handy to watch HD videos on your shiny HDTV without having to move them first to your computer).

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    Unknown radiation level:

    We were not able to retrieve this phone's SAR rating. Therefore, we cannot tell you how close to the limit it is.

** This phone is also known as: LG MS870, Metro PCS Spirit 4G

*** These pros and cons are generated automatically based on our analysis formula and the specifications we have in our database for this phone. If you spot a mistake, please let us know.

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