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- Analysis by KJ David

While a Nokia-branded Android smartphone was still in the rumor mill as of this review, Nokia kept the ball rolling with the basic Nokia 150.

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Its pros and cons are led by a decent 1020mAh battery pack , with significantly high self-attributed scores, such as a 31-day standby time (22 days for double-SIM version) and up to 1320 minutes of continuous talk time . Additionally, it reaches up to 56 hours (3360 minutes) of continuous FM radio playback, with a corresponding 2400-minute MP3 playback time.

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As for the rest of its specs, the Nokia 150 sports a low-key 2.4-inch 320 x 240 screen , which was somewhat the golden standard for basic monoblock phones when it came out. It also touts a 0.3-megapixel camera , though this ends up as a con in our book, since we've seen a few of its competitors (and some Nokia siblings) rock higher-resolution cams, which obviously place them a level higher than most other basic handsets. We appreciate its LED flash/torch , though.

It comes with a 32GB memory card slot , which, as of this write-up, was an outright pro for models in this mobile department. Also on board are dual-band 2.5G (900/1800MHz) connectivity as well as Bluetooth v3.0 (with SLAM).

In classic Nokia fashion, the Nokia 150 sports a polycarbonate shell, which is sadly only available in black and white (Some bright colors wouldn't have hurt). Also, with its 13.5mm thickness, this Nokia model is not the sleekest of basic phones. Crowning its feature set are games like Snake Xenzia and Nitro Racing (from Gameloft) , which we think adds a sweet aftertaste to this rather mundane candybar.

As far as pros and cons are concerned, the Nokia 150 makes for a so-so basic phone that banks heavily on its above-average battery scores.

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