Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 Pros And Cons Review

The Galaxy Prevail 2 is like the passably cute hottie who could potentially hold your interest, as long as you donīt meet their dreamy sibblings. Its Jelly Bean 4.1.2 is not the latest one and of course, its 4-inch TFT display couldnīt compete with the Galaxy S IVīs 5-inch Super Amoled HD one, but we are talking about two different ranges of smartphones. It is further evidenced by the fact that the prevail does not really prevail that much camera-wise, with only a 5-megapixel camera versus the 10+ megapixels of more advanced phones. At 3.4 ounces (98 grams), however, it will fit more comfortably in your pocket. All in all, the Prevail 2 might be a good smartphone for people who want something simpler and only use their phone occasionally.


The Galaxy Prevail 2 shines by its 0.60 w/Kg SAR rating, which is honorable.

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Reasonable radiation:

We've seen phones with a lower SAR rating, but 0.60 watts per kilogram of body mass is honorable, on a scale that goes from 0 to 1.60...

Good battery life:

The talk time claimed by the manufacturer (480 minutes) is higher than the average talk time. Though battery-life ratings could be exaggerated by manufacturers, this is an interesting indication that the Samsung Galaxy Prevail 2 may last longer than other phones.

Other notable features:

It has these special features: RGB Light, TouchWiz, Visual Voicemail, Widgets


Cons or Not-so-great Features:

Unknown touch-screen technology:

We were unable to find out whether it sports a resistive or capacitive touch screen.

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Apparently low on Working memory:

We like that the Galaxy Prevail 2 boasts a gigahertz processor (1.4 GHz) but, all we could find out about the RAM seems to indicate that it is roughly about 1GB. Since the RAM is your phone's working space, we think it might turn out too sluggish for processor-intensive tasks (video, photo processing, etc).

** This phone is also known as: Samsung Galaxy Prevail II, Samsung SPH-M840

*** These pros and cons are spotted automatically based on our analysis formula and the specifications we have in our database for this item. If you see a mistake, please let us know.

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