ZTE Majesty Pros And Cons Review

Picture of the ZTE Majesty, by ZTE

Truth be told, we find the ZTE Majesty fit, not for royalty, but for the common townsfolk. Although it runs on a 1.2GHz Qualcomm MSM8625 processor, which is fast enough for a mid-range smartphone, it only has a mere 768MB RAM, a figure any serious monarch would not settle for Another concern of ours is its weight. Tipping the scales at 5.29 ounces, the ZTE Majesty will definitely let you feel its presence inside your pocket. And the extra weight does not come with 4G. The front-facing camera (5-megapixel) is acceptable but its VGA rear-facing camera looks like a joke from the jester -- We would like to advise Her Majesty that VGA cameras are a thing of the past.

Let's Look at the Cons:

Ostensibly no HDMI connector:

It's all well and good that the ZTE Majesty can record fancy 2592 x 1944 clips, but we're surprised we didn't find any sign of the Majesty sporting an HDMI port (which comes in handy to watch HD videos on your shiny HDTV without having to move them first to your computer).

How do you like our way of evaluating the zte majesty?

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Quite bulky:

5.29 ounces is too much weight by today's standards. The ZTE Majesty will be uncomfortable to use.

We were expecting a higher display resolution:

The Majesty boasts an interesting 4.5-inch display, for an estimated 8.62 square inches. It's big-enough! But why is the resolution only 854 x 480 pixels, considering that other phones with smaller screens (for instance, the iPhone 4S) have sharper resolutions? This is not a huge drawback, but don't hope for an amazing image sharpness.


Now, the Pros:

Package contains a 4GB microSD memory card:

It's nice that it includes a 4GB microSD memory card.

High talk time:

The talk time claimed by the manufacturer (480 minutes) is higher than the average talk time. Though battery-life ratings are not necessarily measured the same way by each manufacturer, this is an interesting indication that the ZTE Majesty may last more than other phones.

In-box accessories:

It includes the following accessories: Activation Card, 4GB microSD™ Memory Card. It may come in handy.

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