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Compare The LG 800G vs These Phones

The LG 800G appears to have a slight advantage on the Motorola EX124G and LG 840G because of its 640 x 480 screen resolution and talk time of 240 minutes.

Check out other differences:

Camera Details
Camera Resolution2-megapixel2-megapixel3-megapixel
Display Comparison Of The LG 800G Vs LG 840G

Display Type??TFT
Color Mode?? 262144 colors
Display Resolution 640 x 480 px? 400 x 240 px
Display size?? 3.2 in
Display superficy?? 4.52 sqr in
Display DPI/PPI?? 145.99 DPI
Physical Features
Included Accessories??Stylus
A2DP (Stereo Bluetooth)??

Operating System??Proprietary
Included Memory Card?2GB microSD?
Memory ExpansionmicroSD?microSD
Expansion Limit??up to 32GB
Battery Life

Stand-by Time 170 hrs (7.1 days) 312 hrs (13 days) 249.6 hrs (10.4 days)
Talk Time 240 mins (4 hrs) 222 mins (3.7 hrs) 198 mins (3.3 hrs)
Battery typeLi-Ion??
Special featuresRedialIncludes Triple Minutes For LifeRedial


  • ? means that we do not have the information, NOT necessarily that the feature is not offered.
  • Color boxes underscore specs that seem to stand out.
  • Specifications cannot be guaranteed accurate. Read our terms of service for more details.

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