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New (And Older) Boost Phones 2016

(Updated June 26, 2016 at 22:35)

Boost Mobile Profile:

Boost Mobile started with a relatively small lineup of mobile phones but recently souped up its selection to include more than 20 models from various brands and all sorts of categories, from smartphones to feature phones and texting devices.

Their prepaid plans include a loyalty program called Shrinking Payments, which can reduce your monthly dues by up to 30% after 18 months of loyal customership. Their phones can occasionally include known models renamed with the Boost brand but made by the regular manufacturers.

Boost Mobile Stuff:
  • Check out each Boost model on this page and click "Add to compare" to view a comparison of up to six Boost phones.
Their Best Phones:

Our system aggregates compound review ratings for all phones and determines the best Boost Mobile phones in a bunch of categories:

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