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Tracfone wireless is a national prepaid service whose specialty is long-lasting prepaid airtime cards that expire in six or even 12 months. Therefore, Tracfone phones (which often come with double or triple minutes for the phone's lifetime) are a better choice for users who make very few calls or text messages and don't want to add airtime every month or two.

Their phone models (sometimes called Tracfones) are generally basic and quite cheap (some go for less than $10 at Wal-Mart or, but keep in mind that the simplest Tracfone models are often devoid of the most basic features you would expect in any phone, such as a Bluetooth car kit profile, or a built-in camera. However, around 2012, Tracfone started offering smartphone-like feature phones with a touch screen and a better web-browsing experience. Using Tracfones for picture or text messaging typically deducts a minute or a portion of a minute from your airtime balance.

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