Wouldn't You Hate Choosing The Wrong Phone?

Choosing among 38 phones is complicated, isn't it? But don't we all hate it when a friend shows up with a better phone that he bought for less than what you paid? And what if the phone you choose lacked an essential feature? Elliminate all that risk and axienty right now with Celliminator. Its 12 right-on questions take on average 1.35 minute to complete and will serve your 5 best phones or smartphones on a silver plate for free, easily and instantly.

Try it now with the first question right here:

Question #1 (Only 5 remaining): What form factor do you prefer?

Flip and slide phones generally...

  • are smaller in height (when closed)
  • fit more easily in your pants' pocket
  • let you take a call by opening the flip cover or by sliding out the upper part
... while bar-shaped phones

  • are generally slimmer
  • are sometimes lighter too
  • have the disadvantage of a non-protected keypad, which means that keys can be pressed accidentally if you don't lock the keypad

Make your selection...

Any form factor is fine
38 phones will remain.
A flip phone
5 phones will remain.
A slide phone No phone would remain.
Start over?
A bar phone
33 phones will remain.
Either flip or slide
5 phones will remain.

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