The Best Phones On The Market, As Of 2022

Here are the best cell phones in 2022, by category, based on the top rated mobile phone ranking system. Phonerated scours the web in search of recent reviews, according to their average review ranking (star rating). With that system, we believe that we are able to boil the list down to only the best cell phones available on the market in 2022.

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Here is the list:

Best Smartphones
  Top smartphones with a common OS like iPhones and Android smartphones.| (View list...)

Best Dual-SIM Smartphones Sold Unlocked
  They are currently offered in unlocked version, they are dual-SIM, and they are the best, according to us! (View list...)

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Best Selfie SmartPhones
  Check out the best-ranking selfie phones (with high-megapixel selfie cams and best review ratings). (View list...)

Best Phablets 2024 (Big-screen smartphones)
  Overized smartphones straddle the border between phone and tablet, making them phablets. Here are the best phablets, ranked by Phonerated as of June 2024. (View list...)

Android Phones
  Best Android smartphones in any country.| (View list...)

Best Global Flip Phones
  Flip phones are still alive! This list ranks the best flip phones, by review score. (View list...)

Best Camera Phones
  Best camera smartphone ranking of high-megapixel models with special camera features. (View list...)

Best Low-SAR Phones
  Best phones with a low SAR (radiation) rating.| (View list...)


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