Huawei Honor 7X Review of Pros And Cons

Picture of the Huawei Honor 7X, by Huawei

- Analysis by KJ David

One of the largest Honor models as of 2017, the 5.93-inch Huawei Honor 7X is geared towards multimedia and photography enthusiasts, but just like the Honor 6X that came before it, it still opts for a 3340mAh battery , instead of shooting for a more reassuring 4000mAh cell, which some of its high-end phablet rivals offer. The forenamed con is joined by the 7X's lack of an upgrade in terms of selfie cam resolution, still sporting an 8-megapixel frontal camera , despite the fact that 13-megapixel selfie shooters were all but standard in the high-end department as we were writing this specs-based review.

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One of this model's biggest pros over predecessors like the Honor 6X and the Honor 8 is its 5.93-inch FullView screen, which offers more screen real estate with its 18:9 aspect ratio than mainstream (as of December 2017) 16:9 displays, consequently making it a solid choice for those who love watching movies and TV series on their phones. It comes with a respectable FHD+ (2160 x 1080) resolution, although we have to admit, a QHD+ (2880 x 1440) sharpness would have gone a long way here.

Like several models in our list of the best camera smartphones (We're talking rear camera here), the Honor 7X features a dual camera system , comprising of a 16-megapixel main cam and a 2-megapixel sidekick cam. While 2 megapixels sounds awfully low on a sub-camera , it nevertheless features typical upmarket imaging facets like phase-detection autofocus (PDAF) and advanced depth-of-field analysis. Sadly, its mix of pros and cons includes a mid-range 32GB internal memory (Some competitors reach 128GB internal memory caps), although its up-to-256GB external memory support eases the pain a bit.

Under the hood, the 7X runs on a high-ranking 16nm Kirin 659 split-octa-core processor clocked at 2.36GHz + 1.7GHz alongside 3GB of RAM. It rocks an outer shell made of aluminum, which is met by a 2.5D curved glass panel up front .

With the Android 7.0 Nougat overlaid with Huawei's own EMUI 5.1 tying its pros and cons together, the Honor 7X likely fares well versus most other high-class 2017 models in terms of multimedia, but more inbuilt storage and a higher-resolution selfie cam were very welcome, too.

** This phone is also known as: Huawei 7X, Huawei X7

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