Top 1 Best Nokia Winmo Phones 2017

* Also exists for all brands.

Nokia is arguably the biggest manufacturer of Windows smartphones, so we made up a special list that finds and reports on their best WinMo models so far. According to our algorythm, the current best Nokia Windows smartphone 2017 is their Lumia 638 4G,

Other models are also included in the following ranking, which is based on the average review score of their latest (2017 and beyond) smartphones.

#1. The Nokia Lumia 638 4G

Photo of the Nokia Lumia 638 4G.
Average Rating:


The 638 4G is an Asia-based Lumia model, entering the basic smartphone department with Enterprise-level security perks and Smart WIFI (which finds and connects you directly to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot) among the perks of its specs...

What We Like:

  • Its Enterprise security features might come in handy for keeping work-related information
  • Up-to-128GB memory expansion caps seem to have been forgotten by many comparable smartphones


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