Top 3 Best Texting Phones 2015

Phones and smartphones with a physical keyboard are increasingly rare, so this best Texting phone list can also include smartphones with more than 4.5-inch displays (because it makes it easier to use the on-screen keyboard) and some models with wet-finger tracking or water-resistant smartphones, a definite plus when you have to text with moist or wet hands. However, if any good old-fashioned phone includes a physical frontal or slide-out keyboard, it will also be listed.

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#1. The BlackBerry Classic

Photo of the BlackBerry Classic.
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Released alongside the BB Passport is this square-screened (3.5-inches, 720 x 720) model sporting the classic BlackBerry full QWERTY keyboard and navigation panel. The BlackBerry Classic's specs include a 1.5GHz dual-core processor with 2GB worth of RAM to match. Probably in anticipation of business and multimedia use, its 16GB internal memory can be expanded to up to 128GB with a microSD card. This LTE-ready model also comes with BlackBerry's 2014 feature set, including the BB Hub, BB Assistant, and BBM video calling.

Texting-specific features:

  • Display size: 3.5 inches


#2. The Kyocera Contact

A picture of the Kyocera Contact.
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Kyocera's Contact combines the classic candybar facade (a 2.4-inch screen atop an alphanumeric keypad) with a slide-out QWERTY form factor, probably to target users who still prefer to type text on a physical keyboard. Its low-level specs also include a BMP 1.0.4 operating system, a QSC 6155 chipset, and a 2-megapixel camera. It offers a 512MB internal memory matched by a 256MB RAM. The Contact's battery is rated at 1100mAh, scoring a 6.3-hour talk time and a 261-hour maximum standby time.

Texting-specific specifications:

  • Predictive text input: XT9
  • Display size: 2.4 inches


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#3. The BlackBerry Porsche Design P9983

BlackBerry Porsche Design P9983 picture.
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This Porsche-inspired square-screened (3.1-inch) BlackBerry model runs the brand's proprietary OS version 10 atop an iconic 35-key QWERTY keypad, and targets a business-inclined clientele with its specs. It offers BMM, which is an encrypted instant messaging client, as well as its Skype-like BBM Video counterpart. The Porsche P9983 also comes with BB Assistant, BB Browser, and BB Link for PC syncing. Other perks include an expandable 64GB internal memory, a Full HD 8-megapixel rear camera, and a 2100mAh battery.

Texting-related specs:

  • Display size: 3.1 inches


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