top The 10 Best Samsung Flip Phones As Of March 2017

Top 10 Best Samsung Flip Phones 2017

* Also exists for all brands.

Even in 2017, manufacturers still make new flip phones and consumers still want them. They are mostly basic models (dumb phones), but a bunch of Android flip smartphones even appeared around 2015. Their convenience relies in their small size and the possibility to take or finish calls by opening or closing the flip cover. Rumor has it that flip phones were inspired by the Star Trek original series' Communicator.

To select the best Samsung Flip phones, we make a list of flip phones that weigh less than 4 ounces and include an external display. Then, we keep only the best ones, according to their average review score. New phones are given a slight advantage over older models, as part of our unique ranking system.

#2. The Samsung Gusto 3

Photo of the Samsung Gusto 3.
Average Rating:


The Gusto 3 succeeds the previous Gusto models from Samsung, retaining the convenience of a large and simple UI and a one-touch speakerphone button...

What We Like:

  • The extended fonts list
  • which gives a touch of personalization for a basic model


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#3. The Samsung Convoy 2

A picture of the Samsung Convoy 2.
Average Rating:


Designed for use in tough working environments, the Convoy 2 is military certified for durability against sand, dust, vibration, shock, etc...


#4. The Samsung sch-u740

Photo of the Samsung sch-u740.
Average Rating:

#5. The Samsung T259

Photo of the Samsung T259.
Average Rating:


This sleek flip phone offers mid-range features: 3G support, Google Maps and TeleNav, large keys, and 2-megapixel camera.


#7. The Samsung Stripe

Samsung Stripe picture.
Average Rating:

#8. The Samsung Gusto 2

Samsung Gusto 2 picture.
Average Rating:


Enhanced physical and accessibility features makes the Samsung Gusto 2 a sturdier take on its predecessor.


#9. The Samsung u520

Photo of the Samsung u520.
Average Rating:

#10. The Samsung Rugby

A picture of the Samsung Rugby.
Average Rating:

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