Samsung Galaxy Xcover 2 Review of The Pros And Cons

Designed for the active and the adventurous, the Galaxy Xcover 2 is ready for the outdoors. Not only it is dust, sand, and water-resistant, but it can also monitor your workout and training with its Cardio Trainer Pro app. That put aside, the rest is rather modest: A dual-core 1GHz CPU and a 5-megapixel main camera. And where is the 4G?



It is promoted as more resistant to water, dust and shocks.

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Dual microprocessor:

Not only does it have a 1GHz processor clock speed, but it also has two cores.


With Swype, you can "type" text just by gliding a finger over the letters one would normally press.

Comes with extras:

It includes these accessories: Strap holder, Battery cover lock. This might prove convenient.

Cons or Not-so-great Features:

    Capacitive touch screen:

    The touch screen is large, but it's only a capacitive model. Of course, capacitive screens are fine, but some analysts believe that resistive touch screens are much better.

    The Galaxy Xcover 2 weighs 148.5 grams. It's kind of chubbier-than-usual.

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    Chunky phone:

    At 148.5 grams of weight, the Galaxy Xcover 2 might turn out heavy to carry around.

** This phone is also known as: Samsung Galaxy Xcover II

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