How To Use The Voice Of Your Child, Cat Or Dog As A 100% Free Voice Ringtone

Real music ringtones are great, but what about true personalization! Here is how to easily personalize your cell phone with a 100% free ringtone that will be truly unique to you: Create a free voice ringtone simply from the voice of your child, your cat's meowing or your dog's barking.


What you need: Practically any cell phone. Note that older cell phones or even new phones from certain carriers may not offer that option or have blocked it in order to force you to buy their own ringtones. But since the free voice ringtone technique explained here takes only a few minutes, why not just try it and hope that it will work for you.

1 - While navigating options for your cell phone, you should find a section called "Tools" or "Applications" in which there should be a "voice memo" or "Sound Recorder" option. Some cell phones even have a side key dedicated exclusively to the voice memo feature. So, select the voice memo or sound recorder function.

2 - Record the voice you would like to hear as a ringtone. For example, you can ask your child to say: "Dad, it's ringing!" As for your cat or dog, it might be a bit more challenging to get them to participate in your voice ringtone experiment. Try to talk to your cat, some of them like to respond. As for the dog... Of course, playing with him should get him started.

3 - Once recorded, the audio clip will be stored in a folder which varies depending on the phone models. But all you have to do is assign this sound to the alarm main. According to the manufacturer, there are basically two approaches:

  • Some phones have a "Gallery" or "Media" menu. It includes your photos, video clips and audio recordings. Within the recording section, you should be able (depending on your phone) to select the voice recording you just made, click "options" and assign is as your main ringtone.
  • Other cell phones will not allow you to assign a ringtone from the media folder but may offer the opposite option. Go to your audio options (sometimes called "Sounds") and select "ringtones", then, while browsing through the available ringtones, the voice recording you just made should appear in the list.

Using the techniques explained above, you can do almost anything or make your own sounds and use them as a 100% free voice ringtone: Record audio excerpts directly from your computer, TV set, etc... If none of the techniques shown here work for your cell phone it may not be available in your specific cell phone (which is rare) or it may have been blocked intentionally by your carrier, which is, unfortunately, more common.