Canadian Cell Phone Network Providers

Here are the most important Canadian cell phone providers. Each Canada mobile network's link leads to a page featuring their latest cellular phones, cell phone profiles, and more.

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Here is the Canadian cell phone provider list:

Rogers Wireless

A Major Canadian GSM Operator That Also Owns The Fido Network


One Of Canada's Oldest Mobile Network (converted From A Previous CDMA Network)

Telus Mobility

A GSM Network Made Of A Merger Between Quebectel Mobility And Clearnet


A Low-cost Canadian GSM Network Targetting Young Users

Koodo Mobile

A Discount Canadian Prepaid Network

Virgin Canada

Canada's Version Of Virgin UK And U.S.A.

Videotron Mobile

A GSM Network Owned By Quebec's Cable Modem And TV Provider Videotron

freedom Mobile

An Unlimited Prepaid Service Network Available Mostly In Ontario (formerly Wind Mobile)

Chat-r Wireless

A Canadian Prepaid Network Focusing On Unlimited Text And Talk Bundles, Including International Text Messages


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