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- Analysis by Christelle Nina

With the U5, Alcatel aims for budget-conscious buyers who need an LTE-capable device. This appears to be the primary premise in designing this smartphone, for aside from several selfie-related features, the rest of its specs are stripped down to the bare minimum.

The 480p Alcatel U5 sports a 5-megapixel main camera and a 2-megapixel selfie shooter. Being a budget phone, such low resolutions are a bit understandable. However, the lack of autofocus -- at least on its main sensor -- is dismaying. On the bright side, both cameras are equipped with their own LED flash -- something that we rarely see in low-range models. A number of selfie-enhancing features, such as Face Mask and Face Show , supplement its otherwise-boring set of imaging specs, as well.

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Nothing stands out when it comes to the U5's performance specs. Its quad-core Mediatek MT6737M processor, clocked in at 1.1GHz , should be able to handle only basic tasks. While a RAM size of 1GB is still pretty much the standard among the cheapest phones of late, its 8GB native capacity does not stack up to 16GB offerings in its market.

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It's also quite confusing how this phone has managed to bulk up to a thickness of 9.95mm , considering how basic most of its specs are. It would have been more acceptable had it offered a relatively-bigger battery, but this is not the case as the U5's 2050mAh power tank is among the smallest in its price range .

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Based on this pros and cons review, there's barely anything that goes beyond reasonable expectations in the Alcatel U5. To put it simply, it's a device designed for the sole purpose of satisfying an Android newbie's basic needs (save for the extra selfie features). While we haven't had news about its exact pricing as of this writing, it's clear that the U5 has to have a really inexpensive price tag not only to justify its pros and cons, but for it to actually make a dent in its target market.

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** This phone is also known as: Alcatel U-5

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