Azumi Kinzo Ichi A5QL Review of Pros And Cons

Picture of the Azumi Kinzo Ichi A5QL, by Azumi

- Analysis by Christelle Nina

The Azumi Kinzo Ichi A5QL boasts a great deal about its camera specs, but the only thing that stands out in its collection of imaging features is the front-facing LED flash . Both the 8-megapixel rear camera and 5-megapixel selfie shooter are just average , and both can also be found in a lot of other unlocked budget smartphones within this device's price range.

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However, the A5QL can freely take pride in its physical specs. At 136 grams and being 7.3mm-thin , it's a potential satisfaction mine for portability-conscious folks.

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Moving on to other pros and cons, this 5-incher offers a relatively-good 294DPI pixel density , courtesy in part of its 1280-pixel by 720-pixel resolution. Its RAM appears promising at 2GB , as well. However, the below-average clock speed (1.25GHz, specifically) is disheartening.

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The subject of its battery-related pros and cons presents some contradictions. For one, its 23-hour manufacturer-rated 2G talk time is way above the category average of 12 hours. However, it sustains itself on stand-by for only 200 hours -- a below-par value in itself. To add, the A5QL's 2100mAh battery looks small in comparison to many its rivals'.

While it may not be among the stand-outs of the budget smartphone category, the Kinzo Ichi A5QL still presents a pretty balanced mix of good and bad points. However, if the size of its battery or the sub-par speed of its CPU are too bothersome, we suggest you try out our Celliminator Phone Finder, which helps you find your five best phone matches. Best of luck!

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