The Funniest Way To Stop Telemarketers

Sure, there are "Do not call lists" in the United States and Canada, but once you register, companies can still call you for 30 days and some may just ignore the do not call list. Fortunately, there is a better way to thwart telemarketers and hopefully stop them from calling you again while having a great deal of fun. Here is how to stop telemarketers by outtelemarketing them:

  1. Answer Normally: The phone rings and it already sounds like a telemarketer (an unexpected call from out of town or a blocked caller ID), answer very nicely and enthusiastically.
  2. Briefly Show Some Interest: Surprise telemarketers by being suspiciously open and interested by their sales pitch but after a few sentences, say: "Oh, it sounds interesting. I'm very interested but I've got something to finish really quickly, would you hold for just a moment? I'm very interested I don't wanna miss that opportunity."
  3. Hang Up In Silence: They'll generally agree to wait and that's where you simply press youor cell phone's hang up key. They won't hear you hang up and there will be a short delay before their phone starts to beep to indicate that the line has been cut.
  4. Or Keep Them Online: If they called you on your home phone, a fun alternative is to actually put them on hold. Hit the "flash" button, dial any automated response system and leave it there. Every few minutes, come back, hit "flash" again and say: "Hey, excuse me, I still need a few minutes to finish this but please don't go. I'm interested."
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