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- Analysis by Christelle Nina

The FIGO Virtue Pro remains baffled in archaic territory with a clock speed that sounds painfully-slow at 1GHz , courtesy of a quad-core MediaTek 6580 processor. We expected it to at least make up for it by making its RAM relatively-more competitive, but this said spec remains pretty average at 1GB. At least, the Virtue Pro running on a 64-bit architecture partly saves the day (considering the overall picture), but isn't it the minimum we can expect from a 2017 smartphone?

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If one is hard-pressed to find a consolation in exchange for the aforementioned shortcoming (and the other mentioned points at the latter end of this pros and cons review), the mediocre performance would somehow lessen the strain on the minuscule 1400mAh battery . This shortage of power comes at the tail of having a noticeably-thicker 9.5mm profile -- and with this irony we are perplexed, to say the least.

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The 5-megapixel main camera is reasonable for the Virtue Pro's price range, and the fact that it comes with an LED flash is a plus. The selfie shooter clocks in at only 2 megapixels , however, which is a bland value even for a budget device.

Display-wise, this phone has a paltry 800 x 480 resolution . However, since the screen is only four inches, the pixel density isn't as bad in comparison to the average competitor with roughly the same resolution, but a five-inch display .

Overall, these pros and cons point at the FIGO Virtue Pro as a phone that's among the most basic in the low-end sub-market. With that being said, it's not an entirely pointless model, as it seems like a viable option for those who are looking to purchase a starter device, especially for kids or teenagers.

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** This phone is also known as: FIGO F40GU, FIGO Virtue 4.0 Pro

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