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- Analysis by KJ David

The third iteration of Google's self-branded Pixel flagship comes in the form of the 5.5-inch Pixel 3, which, despite leveling with some of the best smartphones of its time on certain aspects, suffers from a few questionable cons. For one, unlike some of its contemporaries, it does not go all-out in terms of storage, settling for a 128GB maximum internal memory (Google also ships a 64GB variant) without providing any room for expansion . In comparison, a few close competitors boast 256GB or even 512GB of native storage and come with external memory card trays.

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Another slight drawback is the fact that is comes with no more than 4GB of LPDDR4x RAM , considering that 2018 saw a few heavyweights that boasted 6GB or even premium-class 8GB RAM counts (Check out Phonerated's list of 8GB-RAM phones here). Having said that, its processor, which is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 split-octa-core chip clocked at 2.5GHz + 1.6GHz , makes sure that it stays within flagship territory performance-wise, at least as far as this on-paper review of its pros and cons is concerned.

Headlining its pros is the Pixel 3's 5.5-inch Flexible OLED 18:9 2160 x 1080 (FHD display , although it falls short of the 500ppi sweet spot for VR-ready smartphones, scoring only a 443ppi pixel density . Nevertheless, it charges into the virtual reality fray with native compatibility with Google's Daydream View VR headset . Additionally, its display is bedecked with an Always-On feature, support for HDR content, and an impact-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass 5 finish .

While it does away with a dual-lens rear camera setup, which was somewhat the go-to imaging solution around the time it hit the market, the Pixel 3's 12.2-megapixel dual-pixel camera, which is rigged with spectral and flicker sensors, a 4K-2160p video-recording option, as well as both optical and electronic image stabilization , still makes the upmarket cut in our book. What is more interesting, though, its its dual 8-megapixel selfie camera that is made up of a 97-degree wide-angle lens and a standard-angle lens.

Rounding out its pros and cons is a 2915mAh battery that powers up either through the phone's 18W fast charger or through Qi wireless charging. Note, though, that a few competing models with tantamount specs pack up to 4000mAh of raw battery power . This Pixel edition is made waterproof and dust-tight by its IP68 rugged certification and it comes with a Gorilla Glass 5 backing.

Running on the Android 9.0 Pie platform, the Google Pixel 3 serves as a solid choice for tech-savvy users seeking a high-caliber Android.

On-paper Review score:

Cons (or Not-so-great Features):

Doesn't seem to have a memory expansion slot:

Does it feature memory expansion? Despite our efforts, we couldn't find out.

Unknown weight:

It's disappointing that we could not find its weight information.

Now, the Pros:

Innovative features:

It comes with native support for Virtual Reality (VR) content, which it delivers mainly through Google's Daydream View headset.


It is described as a rugged phone (more sturdy, better water-resistance, etc).

Faster microprocessor:

Its processor speed of Quad 2.5GHz (+ Quad 1.6GHz) with 8 cores is among the fastest in the current market.

It supports the wireless NFC protocol:

NFC is used by electronic payment systems and other uses.


It carries the Miracast technology, a system that lets you share your display with a TV

Huge display:

We are talking about an above-average screen, making it a phablet: 5.5 inches and a resolution of 2160 x 1080 pixels means about 12.1 square inches and an image sharpness of at least 443 dots per inch (DPI)!

High-resolution (12.2-megapixel (dual-pixel cam)) camera:

It features a high-megapixel camera (12.2-megapixel (dual-pixel cam))

Average front cam:

The selfie cam resolution seems just about average.

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