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- Analysis by KJ David

Huawei's Honor 9N is a revamped version of the Honor 9 that updates its pros and cons to 2018 phablet standards (Explore some of the best phablets here), although it runs on less-promising hardware components and, surprisingly, does not come with Near Field Communication or NFC support , which we've come to expect out of middle-class and high-end smartphones as of this Phonerated write-up.

Considering its extended display, which we'll get to further down this specs-based review, the fact that the 9N comes with less battery power than the Honor 9 sounds a tad problematic. That being said, its 3000mAh capacity (The Honor 9 comes with 3200mAh of power) does not sound like too bad of a match for its dual-cluster 2.36GHz + 1.7GHz Kirin 659 eight-core processor , which incidentally lines it up with several solid eight-core contenders.

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While on the topic of its hardware pros and cons, the Honor 9N is offered in three specs configurations with respect to the combination of memory and RAM, namely, a 128GB-4GB high version , a 64GB-4GB version, and an economical version with only 32GB of storage and 3GB of RAM. Anyhow, all of its variants come with support for up to 256GB's worth of external memory .

The biggest difference-maker for the Huawei Honor 9N is that it extends its mother model's 5.15-inch screen real estate to 5.84 inches without having to blow up its physical size. This is due to its expansive 19:9 screen aspect ratio that obviously outstrips the Honor 9's conventional (as of its market entry) 16:9 architecture. It comes with a 2280x 1080 FHD+ resolution and a 2.5D-curved cover glass.

Heading over to its imaging department, the Honor 9N replaces the original model's single-lens rear camera with a dual-lens system consisting of a 13-megapixel main cam for standard photography and a 2-megapixel deputy cam for things like hardware-level Bokeh shooting -- don't forget to check out some of the best photography-driven smartphones here, many of which tout dual cameras as well. Note, though, that the 9N lacks its predecessor's 4K-2160p video-recording capability , instead settling for a Full HD (1080p) maximum video-recording resolution.

Up front, it boasts a 16-megapixel selfie camera whose raw resolution is twice that of the Honor 9's. A couple more of its perks include Huawei's Ride Mode for bikers and the Party Mode app that lets users stream the same song on up to 7 devices.

So, despite its forenamed setbacks, the Honor 9N is a semi-high-end large-screen Android that possibly appeals to gamers and casual mobile photographers.

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