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- Analysis by KJ David

One of two mass-tier models announced by LG alongside the premium-class V30S ThinQ during the MWC 2018, the LG K10 2018's cons are led by a 5.3-inch HD-only (1280 x 720) screen , since, by 2018 measures, any screen larger than 5 inches and settles for a 720p definition sounds a tad problematic. It also does not go beyond 8 megapixels (or 5, depending on which variant you go for) on its selfie camera , making its front-facing camera far from being a standout as we were reviewing its technical specs.

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In spite of its unassuming selfie camera, though, this 2018 K20 edition manages to squeeze in some imaging perks into its assortment of pros and cons, one of which being Flash Jump Shot , a shooting mode that captures up to 20 photos in succession (one photo per three seconds) and stitches them together for a quick GIF. It also features instant noise reduction for low-light photos as well as the Timer Helper function that uses the flash as a visual aid for its shutter countdown (for large group shots), both of which sound appreciable on a 2018 budget-class Android, despite shying of the features boasted by the best photography phones on the market . The main K10 2018 model and its K10+ variant sport passable 13-megapixel rear-facing main cameras while the lower-specked K10α version settles for an 8-megapixel rear cam.

As for its pros, this K-series model blows most other mass-tier Androids out of the water with its support for up to 2TB's worth of external memory -- the plain K10 and the K10α have 16GB of native storage, while the K10+ has 32GB . Moreover, while its 3000mAh battery is by no means industry-breaking, it meets our expectations of a 2018 budget-tier smartphone. Some of the best LG phones have power caps that peak at 3300mAh, so its 3000mAh full-tank capacity does not sound too shabby.

Compared to the K8 2018, which debuted alongside it, the K10 sounds more promising when it comes to hardware, joining the growing family of octa-core smartphones with its 1.5GHz eight-core processor partnered with either 3GB or 2GB of RAM. Its metallic housing and 2.5D-curved display cover glass sound like nice touches as well, knowing that some of the K10 2018's rivals in this Android class still opt for old-fashioned polycarbonate shells.

With a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, standard NFC support (for authenticating mobile transactions), and a finish of either Moroccan Blue, Aurora Black, or Terra Gold joining its pros and cons, the LG K10 2018 ends up as a decent choice for not-so-techie buyers looking for a budget smartphone offering a generous storage capacity and a respectable battery.

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