LG V30S ThinQ Review of Pros And Cons

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- Analysis by KJ David

Revealed during the MWC 2018, the LG V30S ThinQ is a revamped version of the 2017 V30 and is the first smartphone member of LG's ThinQ ecosystem, which is used to refer collectively to all LG products that utilize artificial intelligence (AI). Despite its affinity to AI, however, this V30 offshoot did not walk away unscathed after our thorough review of its technical pros and cons.

For starters, it still only comes with a 5-megapixel front-facing camera that outright throws any chance of it joining the top selfie phones out the window. Another questionable con is the V30S ThinQ's decision to stick to its predecessor's 3300mAh battery capacity , despite slapping a bevy of AI applications onto its specs list. In comparison, some of its AI-powered rivals and other models with tantamount feature sets pass the 4000mAh mark. It does support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and wireless charging , though, so it's not totally bad endurance-wise.

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As for its pros, many of the V30S's AI functionalities revolve around its dual-lens rear camera , which is made up of a 16-megapixel primary lens and a 13-megapixel wide-angle (120 degrees) deputy lens. Its AI CAM feature , for instance, analyzes the subjects within the current frame and suggests what it deems is the optimal shooting mode for such shot (Portrait Mode, Landscape Mode, etc.), while QLens lets users pull up online shopping sites for specific products or information about landmarks by snapping quick pictures of them. Its Bright Mode promises brighter images using AI, especially when shooting in dark environments.

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The V30S also lines up with some of the best phablets on the market with its 6-inch QuadHD+ (2880 x 1440) OLED FullVision screen that fittingly sits on a VR-caliber 538ppi pixel density and comes with HDR10 support. Likely in anticipation of its heavy AI content, LG also made the V30S ThinQ a very generous flagship when it comes to storage, boasting either 256GB or 128GB of internal memory (The 256GB version is called V30S that can be expanded by up to a gigantic 2TB -- the highest external memory allowance in the mobile world as we were examining its pros and cons.

Doing the grunt work from inside the engine room is the V30S's high-class Snapdragon 835 10nm eight-core 2.45GHz processor coupled with a robust 6GB RAM , although a little boost would have shot it into 8GB-RAM smartphone territory. It also has some tricks up its sleeves for audiophiles, in the form of a Hi-Fi system (32-bit Quad DAC support) . Additionally, its favorably-slim 7.3mm fuselage is toughened by the combination of IP68-grade water- and dust-proofing and MIL-STD 810G damage resistance .

All-in-all, the LG V30S ThinQ is a wide-screen multimedia-heavy flagship smartphone for upscale shoppers looking to dip their toes in the world of mobile AI.

** This phone is also known as: LG V30S+ ThinQ (with 256GB of memory)

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