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- Analysis by KJ David

Unveiled by LG through AT&T, the V35 ThinQ is almost an exact replica of the V30S ThinQ, except that there's a substantial difference between the two models in terms of hardware -- though they both deserve spots among the best phablets -- that is, as of this specs-based Phonerated review. Having said that, the V35 shares its predecessor's cons, such as the 3300mAh-only battery capacity , which is not flagship-esque, especially versus the 4000mAh-or-higher power caps boasted by some closely-comparable phablets.

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The V35 ThinQ also questionably drops from the V30S's 256GB maximum internal memory to only 128GB , though it still offers a monstrous 2TB microSD card slot . Another drawback is its 8-megapixel-only selfie camera , which obviously sounds pitiful, seeing that most of the highest-specked Androids of its time don't settle for anything less than 13 megapixels on their front cams.

As for its pros, the V35 ThinQ replaces the V30S already-high-end Snapdragon 835 eight-core 2.45GHz with a premium-class (as of its release) Snapdragon 845 octa-core chip running at 2.8GHz , bringing to mind some of the fastest smartphones on the market. Moreover, it offers a robust 6GB RAM and, as hinted by its name, it joins compatible devices like smart refrigerators or TVs in LG's ThinQ ecosystem -- the brand's self-branded internet of smart devices.

Just like the V30S ThinQ, this model's external pros and cons are led by a 6-inch FullView OLED 18:9 screen with a QHD+ (2880 x 1440) resolution and a VR-worthy 538ppi pixel density -- discover the best phones for VR here. Additionally, like a few other 2018 flagships, its display features include an Always-On Mode and HDR10 support , the latter being a technology used to upconvert standard videos to HDR quality.

Perched on its back side is a dual-lens rear camera made up of a 16-megapixel standard-angle main cam and another 16-megapixel cam for wide-angle shooting. Together, they deliver things like AI Cam , which uses the phone's inbuilt AI technologies to analyze photos and recommend the optimal enhancements. Also on board is the Google Lens visual search application that lets users quick-search information about certain texts or objects. 4K (3640 x 2160) video-recording , a staple facet among the best photography smartphones, joins in as well.

Also in its list of multimedia pros and cons is the DTS:X 3D Virtual Surround Sound audio system , promising cinematic audio output for games and movies, as well as LG's Super Far Field Voice Recognition (FFVR) technology for voice commands.

Donning an aluminum frame sandwiched between two Gorilla Glass 4 panels , the LG V35 ThinQ calls out to techies and voracious multimedia consumers, but it could certainly use a bit more raw battery power.

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